System comparison


  • Only possible with two or three T-joints
  • Only possible by offsetting the axis

System expansion only possible by disassembly and replacement of system components


Weak points:

  • Risk of system breakdowns because of using a flexible barbed tube connection


  • Only 90° angles possible
  • Many components needed
  • Extensive pre-assembly


Round Pipe System
Must be depressurised

  1. Measuring of the outlet point
  2. Disassembly of the pipe element
  3. Drilling and cleaning of the pipe
  4. Fixing the outlet
  5. Assembly

Profil System

  • Time consuming assembly due to the great number of components
  • Extensive assembly work in difficult to access areas


Round Pipe System

  • Only two outlet points per pipe
  • More components and time-consuming installation

Profil System

  • Extensive installation


Round Pipe System

  • Fixings every 1.5 m, else instable
  • Difficult and time-consuming installation

Profil System

  • Time-consuming pre-assembly of many small components
  • No repositioning possible


Round Pipe System

  • Mix of materials
  • Connecting components made of plastics
  • Temperatures up to max. 60°C
  • No liquids
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